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Social networks

Who has never heard... that Facebook is essential for your business, or that to showcase products, Instagram is the best or, if you want a more professional audience, invest in LinkedIn. Are things really that simple?
O que fazemos

What we do


Marketing is directly present on social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, instagram, etc.), and with that comes the opportunity and need to offer a service to monitor and nurture these networks.
Thus, we can and must create exclusive content for social networks, especially for campaigns and promotional actions.

At 2EASY2PLAY we produce custom thumbnails/mockups for each and every one of the social networks and are optimized so that the visitor, regardless of the platform they are using, can correctly view their image.


You Tube

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Rosto Facebook em PC.jpg
Rosto Youtube em Táblet


Rosto Facebook em Táblet
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Rosto Facebook em Tlm


But social networks are not just random structures made up of people and companies, on or off the internet. They are users who connect because they have common interests, goals and values.

That it's why in 2EASY2PLAYour work goes much further than just the corporate image, it also covers the very important production of content.

It is important to know what the best content is and how to communicate it; which are the best social networks to use for each case; what is the value to invest in advertising; ...

Benefits of social networks


With the creation of the correct image and content, we managed to obtain through social networks:

- Brand exposure in a segmented way

- Creating a strong positioning in the market

- Easy maintenance of the relationship with the public

- Content creation with the ability to attract and generate interactions

- Prospecting for new customers

- Increase traffic

- Listening to consumers

- Make more sales

Advantages of social networks

Como escolher
  • They are agile channels of communication

  • Facilitate communication between employees

  • Increase and consolidate the relationship with the consumer

How to choose a social network

The best thing to do is to contact a professional company in the sector, such as 2EASY22PLAY, but you can always do it yourself, taking into account the following suggestions:


1. Study each social network

Read articles, download ebooks and look for other references

This is the only way to understand the features of each

platform, how to invest in it and which of its benefits

best fit your goals with your

Investment in social media.

2. Know your target audience

  • Who is your audience?

  • What are their online habits?

  • In which social networks are they present?

  • How do they use these networks?

      To invest your efforts in which good networks

     should be able to answer these questions. Your audience

       information about is strategy, and every guide of information about it's strategy, and every information about  strategy.

        is an importanta insight . 

      3. Analyze your competition

      What brands need to know what competitors are doing. In

       what social networks are they on? Do they do a good job? The intention,

     review of other brands, presence and presence here clear,

      always try to do better than there is already.

      Think in logistic

          has no YouTube channel_ nothing good to keep

       frequency of postings or resources

      videos have quality.

         The following lemma is do what you can with what you have.

           Warning, it is not worth joining a social network just to be there.

               Manage your effors in what tou can do well and keep focus.

linha do tempo das redes sociais
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