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Behind the creation of a logo, there is an extensive research work, a development that starts from theoretical assumptions of design and psychology, involving semiotics, color, composition, concept, etc. 
O que fazemos

What we do

We create the logo and image of your company, business or brand according to the parameters indicated by the client.

We deliver the final arts with various formats to be applied in the most varied needs, including final pieces to apply in the various social networks.

How we do

Como fazemos
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The logo is a graphic representation of your company and that's why we summarize it so that it can be easily identified, without unnecessary information. 


In creating a good logo, research is the first step. We have to identify the logos that you like the most and that you, as soon as you look at it, know exactly what it is about.


Analyze the companies/brands that offer the same (or almost the same) and have the logo of these companies as a reference, analyzing the elements used.


We do a detailed analysis of the type of target audience your brand wants to reach.

We research the logos of the brands that your persona most identifies with.


Associating the brand with something too old-fashioned or "cheesy", without care with the visual identity, can be bad. You have to keep a current look.


In conceptualization we determine what the logo will pass through its shapes, what it will express through its lines, shapes and colors.


This process is free and fluid. Everything that was scored during the survey must be taken into account.


Typography is a science that requires a lot of study, but the basis is readability, that is, readability.


It is at this stage that the technical knowledge and precision of an experienced designer becomes indispensable.


Minimum size, vertical and horizontal use, different background applications, are some of the factors that we have to consider.

Logo design is an extremely complex subject.

It is important to emphasize that the creation of a logo is a very specific work within the design. Bear in mind that not everyone will like your logo! We have to accept this.

The important thing is not that everyone thinks the logo is pretty.
The important thing is that it represents your brand and gives you
due prominence.
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